Southeast Cottage Linens

COVID 19 Linen Standards

At Southeast Cottage Linens we have always considered sanitation a top priority. Since day one we have gone above and beyond all industry standards to produce the most hygienically sanitized sheets and towels that we can. We wash all of our linen at a minimum of 160 degrees. Our all-white linen and towel stock enables us to use bleach, which has proven itself for years to be one of the best industrial sanitizer applications. This spring we have also introduced another product to our final rinse process. This EPA approved commercial sanitizing agent continues protecting the fabric from bacteria, even after it has left the washer and been dried. All of our sheets and towels then move to our dryers, which operate at temperatures in excess of 190 degrees ensuring no moisture or residual bacteria can exist. Once dried, items are transferred to our folding stations where we fold and sort them, again minimizing the human touch factor as best we can we wear gloves & masks to ensure they arrive at your rental houses clean and sanitized. Please excuse the verbose explanation of our laundry processes but we think its necessary to demonstrate all of the care we take inside our business to produce hygienically sanitized, minimally handled sheets and towels and is particularly relevant in the current environment. We will deliver each set of sheets and towels neatly packaged in our sanitized laundry baskets to your rental cottage.


We are a husband & wife operation.


Maintaining our linens is a serious issue & we take it seriously as it is our business & we care!


If you should have any questions or concerns please contact us.